City Guys

City Guys would be a great title for a show about mobsters, gangsters, and homeless people in big jackets. But like how The Killers, a semi-sensitive band, managed to snatch up such a perfect metal name, City Guys was snatched up by producers who decided to make it a show about a public high school […]

Hey Dude

“Hey Dude” is something you would say to a friend while in California as a greeting or attempt to get their attention. Hey Dude is also the title of a popular television show on Nickelodeon from the early 1990s. The Dude part of the title comes from the fact the show takes place on a […]

Alvin and the Chipmunks

If I ever met a talking anamorphic chipmunk who would speak English, I would probably shit my pants. If I met two more, I would probably make the form a band and wear t-shirts with the first letter of their names on them. In its simplest form, Alvin and the Chipmunks was about that. A […]

Willa’s Wild Life

Mooselicker says: Another masterpiece by Carter Johns. When I was a kid, my first pet was named Pork Chop. My second pet was named Hot Dog. Third: Fish Stick. I don’t think I understood the concept of pets. Most kids would love to live in a zoo, but that’s because their imaginations are better developed […]

The Flinstones

Of all the shows we have written about on this site so far, The Flinstones might be the only one my grandmother has ever heard about. The only reason she’s heard about it is because it took place during her childhood!!!! Get it because old people and stuff? Nah she only knows it because there […]

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Mooselicker Says: This piece was written by fellow blogger “Pen” over at Pen, Paper, and Crazy. Now, on with it. First of all, this post is about the TV series that featured live people and not creepily drawn versions of them, in the case of the animated series or the comic book (which I only […]

Sid the Science Kid

Mooselicker Says: This piece, and it is a piece after all because it is a work of art, is brought to us by a man named Carter Johns. I asked him if he had anything to promote. He said he did not then chased me off with a stick. Anyway, here’s what he wrote. The […]

Tiny Toons

Mooselicker says: Here is a guest post from fellow writer and now official blogger Rose Harmon. You can find her new blog at Red Headed Spitfire. As children of the ʻ90s, we were firmly entrenched in a very unique time in popular culture. Our toys were basic, our games were dangerous, and we learned social skills before […]

Wild & Crazy Kids

“Sit down, shut up, and if you move I’m going to hit you with this stick” is what most kids hear these days when they’re wild and crazy. But back in 1990 these children were treated differently. There was a place where they could go and be themselves. It was a little show on Nickelodeon […]