Clifford the Big Red Dog

Books are always better than the movie. The same can be said about TV shows based on books. The Three’s Company book originally written in 1853 is a prime example of this. The same can be said about another show John Ritter was involved with, Clifford the Big Red Dog. The Clifford books were very […]

Clarissa Explains It All

I just want to point out immediately that the title of this show is a lie. Clarissa doesn’t explain it all. There were many questions left unanswered and problems unsolved. You would think she could at least explain a cure for cancer or something. Clarissa Darling (played by Melissa Joan Hart) and her family are […]

Home Improvement

Although it was not meant specifically for children alone, Home Improvement was a highly rated television program in the 1990s and later appeared on Nick at Nite. There. My justification for writing about it. The thing you must understand about Home Improvement is that it has no classic episodes. There’s no episode that ever reached […]

Rocket Power

The only thing better than not working out, is watching other people workout. The Nick show Rocket Power always made me feel accomplished even though I had been sitting on the couch for half an hour. It’s a program about a group of friends that live in California who enjoy surfing, skateboarding, rollerblading, and tons […]

The Magic School Bus

I was never a huge fan of The Magic School Bus because it was totally implausible. And its main purpose was to help kids learn. So unnecessary. I’d learn enough at school. Why would I want to come home, turn on the TV and learn some more? My fourth grade teacher used to put in […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Life has many possibilities. One of those possibilities is not turtles stepping into green ooze in a sewer then becoming human-like teenagers. I guess that’s what television for, exploring complete impossibilities. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was probably in my top 5 shows. I even remember the show making it onto my Myspace Top 8. That’s […]

Mouseketeers vs. Barney the Dinosaur Friends

While researching different kid’s shows I came across information that may shock you. Barney the Dinosaur actually gave several children who are famous now their starts. We always hear about how the Mouseketeers launched several careers. All the Barney the Dinosaur hate has made it so anything associated with the purple goof must be terrible. […]

Under the Umbrella Tree

I don’t know how many Under the Umbrella Tree fans there are out there (hopefully none) but if you’re one of them, this one’s for you. Your parents must have hated you. Under the Umbrella Tree is a show about a woman, Holly, who lives with three puppets—Gloria the gopher, Iggy the iguana, and Jacob […]

Angels in the Outfield

With an “All-Star” “lineup” this movie “hits” a “home run” “out of the park” would be a terrible punny way to start off this piece. It’s also a little inaccurate. Unlike a lot of people, I think Angels in the Outfield was a stupid movie. I’m of course referring here to the one with Joseph […]