Gullah Gullah Island

As a young white child living in rural Indiana, nothing was more fascinating to me than Gullah Gullah Island. I had never seen “island life” portrayed in this manner before. Life was like a party. They made it seem like they lived in The Bahamas or something, but apparently the show was shot on an […]

The Backyardigans

The Backyardians is a more recent show about anthropomorphic animals that have imaginary adventures in their connecting backyards. It’s more exciting than it sounds, trust me. Whenever I babysit I always suggest we watch The Backyardigans much to the children’s chagrin. Sorry that they have such catchy songs. Sorry I admire their craving for fun […]


Mooselicker Says: What you are about to read was written by a woman named Laura Wilson. I don’t know much about her, but she seems to hate Iceland and after this I’m thinking I do too. Did you know it’s not really even that icy? That would be like if the United States was divided […]

Blue’s Clues

I was 9 years old when Blue’s Clues made it’s debut. Intrigued by the show, I watched it even though I was probably older than the intended audience. I knew I was too old for it because my mom told me I was. Blue’s Clues is about a dog named Blue and her dumb owner […]

Dora the Explorer

Let me just start off by saying Dora is a bitch. You’re probably thinking that I’m being way too harsh towards that little four year old Mexican girl, but I think you’re being too soft. Dora is abusive to her audience and if no one’s going to stand up and stop the cruelty, I will. […]