Space Jam

What happens when you combine arguably the greatest athlete of all-time with the greatest cartoon character of all-time? You get a stoner movie. Really, that’s all Space Jam was. Like everything on Cartoon Network these days, Space Jam’s target audience were college kids with enough money for bud and not enough for rent. You will […]

The Land Before Time

Before there was Ice Age there was The Land Before Time. Released in 1988 then again sometime in the early 90s by McDonald’s which is how I got a copy of it, the original The Land Before Time is a classic film dealing with the ever present modern day political issue of young dinosaurs. (I […]

The Brave Little Toaster

Three amazing things happened in 1987. The first two were the births of the creators of this blog. We were each born in October 1987 less than a week apart. The other thing to happen was the release of the classic film The Brave Little Toaster. I don’t believe in coincidences as much as I […]