The Magical World of Bobby

Mooselicker says: The following is a guest post written by woman named Rose Harmon. Is it polite to call a female a woman? I certainly know worse words I could refer to them as which I won’t get into because this is about her and I should shut up now.

The Magical World of Bobby by Rose Harmon

The title of this blog, of course, comes from the original title of Bobbyʼs World, the 1990— 1998 wholesome cartoon from the otherwise risque comedian Howie Mandel. Birthed from Mandelʼs stand-up comedy act, Bobby Generic was a 4-year-old boy with an overactive imagination. For a kid like myself who lived inside of books and was raised by television, it’s what the inside of my brain might have looked like.

bobbys world

My upbringing was notably dysfunctional. Cartoons represented a frequent respite and some rare moments of family togetherness. They gave me something to which I could relate, as well as magically creative worlds into which I could escape. I wished for the happy suburban life of the Generic family, where Bobbyʼs troublemaking was forgiven and problems were solved in 30 minutes or less.

The eponymous character was the youngest of three siblings for most of the seriesʼ run. He often felt left out, and his older brother frequently called him a dork, among other pejoratives. Though we see that Bobby has friends and classmates, the majority of the action takes place inside Bobby’s own head. Think of it as a kidʼs answer to Andy Richter Controls The Universe. (That reference was for the five other people who loved that show!)

Bobby dreamed up songs, games, and outlandish scenarios. One of the most memorable segments involved him and his Uncle Ted as fish people, singing with anthropomorphic fish about the merits of life under water. In other words, he has harmless fun as part of the last generation that was encouraged to play outside, pretend, and concoct our own adventures.

uncle ted

Whether it was transforming a cardboard box into a race car, climbing mountains, or appearing on game shows, in Bobbyʼs world, anything was possible.

Mooselicker says: Thank you Rose for writing up this piece on Bobby’s World! You totally bailed me out here because the only thing I could remember on the show was a tree house and noogies. I hope forward to having you write more for us.

Rose’s blog can be found here Rose Harmon. Is it impolite to refer to a woman simply by her first name and not as Miss so-and-so? I really need to take an etiquette class.

4 thoughts on “The Magical World of Bobby

  1. Great job Rose. Bobby’s World was strange in that his parents were generally cool but his siblings were terrible human beings. His family also had really bad hair. Didn’t the brother have a rat’s tail? He seemed like someone Beavis and Butthead would befriend.

  2. Nice post Rose! I’m glad there’s another flower name around here! This is one show that I never watched, which is weird because I watched a lot of shows. Do you remember what channel it was on? The animation looks familiar, but I don’t remember ever watching an episode. Clearly I was missing out!


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