The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Including the brutally long title, this show had a number of annoying, unrealistic things about it. Most often shortened to Jimmy Neutron, the program was about an 11 year old boy genius and his adventures. Okay, so the title is actually very appropriate and accurate. But it doesn’t leave much up to the imagination. Jimmy would’ve hated that. Also, why is the word neutron so hard for me to spell? The whole “eu” thing hurts my brain. Clearly I’m not a boy genius. Or a boy. Or anyone important.

Nickelodeon continues to push the limits of children's head sizes.

Nickelodeon continues to push the limits of children’s head sizes.

I find it really convenient that Jimmy Neutron is like, a sciencey genius and his last name just happens to be Neutron. Like, how did that work out? Also, his parents aren’t even that smart. I mean, they definitely aren’t like Timmy Turner’s parents from The Fairly Odd Parents, but they aren’t geniuses. This is too much of a Little Man Tate situation and really, how often does that happen? Like, honestly I’ve maybe met one person I could consider a genius in my entire life and he didn’t even do that well in school. He was just really smart and knew everything about everything. But he was also lazy. Ahh such a curse.

Jimmy’s trusty companion is his robotic dog, Goddard. I think Jimmy might have created him or something. He’s kind of like the Inspector Gadget of dogs. He has all these tools that come out of him. He’s also really smart, much like Jimmy. How is the dog character on this show smarter than me? Also, apparently he’s named after “the father of rocketry”, Robert H. Goddard. Lame.

Jimmy’s two closest friends are Carl and Sheen. Carl is fat and gross and allergic to everything and scared of everything. How many characters like this can Nickelodeon possibly make? I’m so bored of this type of character (if you couldn’t tell). Jimmy’s friend Sheen, however, is a great character. I wanted him to have a spin off so badly and then he got one–Planet Sheen. I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure it’s awful because anytime I get excited for anything it always turns out to be a let-down.

Anyway, Sheen, named after Martin Sheen, behaves more like Charlie Sheen. He’s wild, unpredictable, and easily excited. And addicted to crack. Hah jk jk. But I wouldn’t be surprised. He just says funny things and makes the show worth watching.the-adventures-of-jimmy-neutron-boy-genius-jeff-garcia-1

There are some other girl characters in the show, Cindy and Libby, who are considered rivals to Jimmy and his crew. I guess Cindy is pretty smart, but she can’t possibly rival Jimmy’s knowledge. In the show they make it seem like the two of them are on the same level but nope. Not until Cindy creates a robot cat will I believe that. Libby is black. That’s basically all you need to know. She stereotypically enjoys funk/hip-hop/R&B music.

Ew according to Wikipedia Libby’s first name is actually Liberty. Just no.

Jimmy Neutron was a good show but I kind of got annoyed with how smart he was. Like, why wasn’t he in college if he was already inventing things and making space calculations or whatever. I’m not doing myself any favors by saying “space calculations or whatever” but oh well.


15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  1. True that about Carl. They should make a spinoff show where Carl has a makeover and undergoes plastic surgery and teaches kids the truth that unless you’re really smart or really pretty you’re never going to get your own show.

    • Yesss. I mean, I can appreciate characters like that, but there have just been too many that it’s kind of old now. Kids don’t want to watch ugly characters. We much prefer the funny, good looking characters for sure. Life lessons.

  2. This was supes funny. The “eu” thing always hurt my brain, too! You are so my child! I was sort of hoping you’d name your child Liberty. It has a nice ring to it… “Let freedom ring…” oh, I guess I was thinking of Freedom. Whatevs.

  3. This is another show I never watched and only thanks to its title do I know what it’s about.

    Who names their dog after a guy who invents rockets? Don’t rockets kill people? Maybe I’m thinking too much about rocket launchers.

    • There are so many names in this show that are homages to inventors and scientists. It’s gross. Jimmy’s whole name is James Issac Neutron (and ode to Issac Newton I suppose) and there are others I guess. That’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head.
      If Goddard killed someone he would really be living up to his name. So no one could actually blame him, right?

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  5. Haha, I used to watch this show. 😛 Strangely enough, it was actually a spin-off of the film. But God, I loved most of the characters but hated Jimmy. We’ve already had Dexter as the brilliant but awkward boy genius, and poor Jimmy was just never as good. 😦 Also, I knew his parents hated him because they let him walk around with that hair.

    • Ohh I totally forgot that the show was a spin off from the movie. So weird and backwards. But that definitely rings a bell.
      Yeah I never watched Dexter so it didn’t bother me for that reason as much as super smart people in general bother me. Haha! And yes…his hair. Why.


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