The Embarrassing Photo and Video Archive of Amanda Bynes

What’s there to say? This is nothing more than a gallery of embarrassing moments from the life of Amanda Bynes.

amanda-bynes-instagram(Amanda preparing for her role as a heroin addict)

amanda bynes piercing(Amanda wearing an S.S. hat, some bling, and having a cheek piercing because she knows what all the boys like)

crazy bynes(Amanda in court wearing an old man’s beard as a wig)

amanda bynes duck face(Amanda after eating a lemon in a commercial for Apple)

amanda bynes wig(Amanda showing off a piece of paper and her lone fake nail on her long slender fingers)

amanda-bynes-mug-shot-500x473(Amanda looking like a male serial killer from the late 90s)

amanda bynes bathroom(Amanda dressed up as a sexually transmitted disease for Halloween last year)

Amanda-Bynes-Twitter-Photo-April-29-2013-2-500x680(Amanda at the gym with a busted eye after she tried taking a picture of herself bench pressing)

Now for some GIFs

amanda gif1

amanda gif2

amanda gif3

amanda gif4

amanda gif5

amanda gif6

amanda gif7(Don’t worry Amanda, you’re doing it to yourself)

12 thoughts on “The Embarrassing Photo and Video Archive of Amanda Bynes

    • I think the worst thing is no one saw this one coming. At least I didn’t. But I’ve also been hit in the face with every type of sporting equipment imaginable.

      • My husband jokingly tweeted something a year ago about the impending doom of Amandster. But I still wouldn’t take any stock tips from him.

  1. I always liked Amanda Bynes and thought she’d be one of the celebrity kids to get out of that industry and thrive. Oops. This makes me so sad for her. I Just want to shake her and then fix her. Poor thing- so lost.


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